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Partnering with QCap


We learn about your business and provide an informative view on its value today. 

Transparent, Fair and Informative. We know you're running a business full-time, we promise to be fair, fast and transparent. We provide an assessment into the value of your business today, helping you understand your strengths and opportunities to grow.


We work with you to build a growth and transition plan that meets your personal, economic and professional goals.

Flexible capital. We tailor a transaction that aligns with your economic goals, whether it’s staying with the business, taking some liquidity while participating on upside, or a full sale.


We align on operating needs and are able to step in as advisors or operators. 

Operating Capacity. We're operators at heart and can lend our experience as advisors or step-in as operators, in full or partial capacity. 

Scaling Sales & Marketing 

Building sales and marketing engines from the ground up, optimizing pricing strategy, driving customer retention, identifying and capturing new market

Growing Teams
Sourcing talent and expanding teams domestically and internationally
Adopting Technology
Adopting technology to expand the reach of your product or to deliver scale 
Leveraging Our Networks 
Leveraging our network for introductions to new markets or partnerships

Business Services



/ SaaS




Our Industries

What We Look For. 

Strong Roots.

We believe in sustainable growth through nurturing the roots. We partner with business owners who have invested in a people-first culture, supporting lasting relationships with employees and their communities.

Product Market Fit.

We look for companies that have secured product market fit and have achieved meaningful scale sustainably. (>$2M in revenue and have achieved profitability)

Mission Critical.

We look for solutions that are mission critical demonstrated through repeat buyers and long-term relationships with customers.

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